It’s a Bittersweet Day!

June 7, 2018

Pupdate!  As of today, all of Miss Butter’s puppies have been reserved.  These puppies are excited to share that each of them now have wonderful new parents!

We are happy to know they are going to good homes and will be loved.  But, of course, we are sad to even think that in two weeks or so, we will have to say goodbye to our adorable puppies.  We will miss these guys!

Miss Butter has been spending her free time lately in the whelping box training her puppies.  Now I know that this sounds strange, but seriously, Miss Butter trains them to control their biting, on how to be playful with each other rather than being “wild out of control puppy chaos”!  Miss Butter brings them toys, gives them a nudge when they need it and shows them love.  It is very sweet to see.

I know that the new parents who will bringing their new puppy will be experiencing one of their life’s joys!   We all love these pups!

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