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Empty Nest!

PUPDATE!:  They are all gone!   Miss Butter misses her puppies!   But they all have gone to fantastic homes.   Miss Butter is doing well, getting her rest and recuperating.  We have gotten some fantastic emails, texts and videos from the new parents sharing awesome pictures of the puppies in their new homes.   We even got a video with Loki swimming!   Purple has finally gotten a real name.  His name is now Cooper!

Bailey will actually be coming back for a week visit here in July.   Miss Butter will love this!   Just wanted to give you a quick pupdate!

Bailey Moves Next Door

Pupdate!   Butter is happy that Bailey (Yellow) moved next door.   On occasion, Bailey sees Butter when both are outside at the same time and Bailey makes a mad dash towards our yard.   It will be great to see Bailey grow up and it feels good that Bailey will continue to be in Butter’s life.

It has been magical having these puppies, but exhausting!

(photo of Bailey by Close Encounters of the Furry Kind)

Butter & Loki

Monday, July 2nd

Butter loves this guy!   She spends her day snuggling with him, bringing him toys, and playing.   She will miss him!   And she’s not the only one.   We love Loki!

Loki Enjoying Life

Sunday, July 1st

Pupdate:   Loki is our last puppy and he leaves to his new owners this week.  But meantime, he is living the life!   He loves to lounge in the pool!

Almost Time!

June 22, 2018

Many of the puppies go home this weekend!  Time has flown by!  Sunday is the big day!   We will really miss these incredible puppies.  They are so adorable!   Widget, Sully, Miss Cali and the famous Ollie Gator go home on Sunday.   It is hard to believe that this weekend is here.   We will miss you guys!

Water Dogs


Harley AKA Sully & Loki are clearly water dogs.   They seem to be on rotation taking turns on who gets to sleep in the full water dish.   And this water dish is huge.  It is a sight to see.  The dogs are frequently completely crashed with half their body submerged.

Miss Cali, she thinks she can swim through the water dish, paddling her way through the water bowl.  Although clearly she can touch the bottom, it is much more fun to do the dog paddle.   It is a riot!

7 Weeks Old Today!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Today marks 7 weeks!  One more week and we start saying goodbye.   Personally, I’m not looking forward to this.   I will miss them.   I’ve gotten to know each of these incredible puppies and their unique personalities.  What will their lives be like ahead?

All of the puppies have new names selected by their new owners.  Everyone has begun to make plans to bring these incredible puppies home soon.

Just to name a few… Loki.   He is such a gentle soul.   We love him.   He comes to us in the whelping box and appears to know we will hold him.  He just loves to snuggle into our arms.

Sully (once a Harley, always a Harley).  He is a calm adventurer and is always curious.   Such a sweet dog!

Widget (Pink) loves people!  Isn’t that a great name?   She is such a nice girl who seems to always be smiling.

Bailey is the small chocolate lab female.  She is cute as heck and very sweet.  But, she is our resident terrorist!   She is several pounds lighter than the other puppies, but can kick all of the other puppies’ butts.   And frequently does!  I love Bailey and look forward to watching her grow up!

Orange or should I say Miss Cali– is a very playful lab puppy.  This girl has spunk!  With us, very affectionate.

Ollie Gator– what a funny name!  I love it!   When he sees us, he comes quickly for the scratch behind the ears or on his belly.  Ollie has the white collar and if you remember, he is the adorable puppy who gave Beth the Puppy Hickey!

Little Red is now Berkley.  She was the first born and at the time was the runt of the litter.  That changed quickly.  She has a sweet personality and a little pep in her step.

Quail Meadow Labs selected our beautiful male chocolate lab, Purple, aka Prince.  He is such a nice sweet lab puppy and will sure enjoy his life ahead!   They also selected Miss Green- one of our most loving and cuddling pups!  She will surely be missed.

And if you are wondering how it was possible to get nine lab puppies to be still for a moment to take that incredible photo.  It was not easy!   One person on each side of the bench, to catch one if they fell off.  Two in front to make stupid noises and wave their hands.  And most important, an incredible photographer, (Close Encounters of the Furry Kind) that was able to take hundreds of photos to capture the moment!

One more thing.. many of these incredible puppies have had their photos selected for the 2020 Calendars!  So if you see adorable lab puppy calendars, it very well could be from this amazing litter.

(photo of Butter’s Litter by Close Encounters of the Furry Kind)

Harley- is now Sully!

June 9, 2018

Harley’s new parents have officially named him Sully!  He is so sweet.  He’s a moose, but is a gentle giant!   He’s got a great personality!   We love him!   Took this photo last night of him.

PUPDATE:  As you can imagine, they are growing.  They are eating soaked Eukanuba Puppy Food and occasionally topping it off with Miss Butter’s nursing.  And yes- what goes in, must come out!   So they are a handful- so to speak…

They are still getting 24/7 supervision.    Sometimes the whelping box is quite a wrestling ring- 9 of the cutest lab puppies on the planet giving their all and enjoying their life!

They turn 6 weeks old tomorrow!

It’s a Bittersweet Day!

June 7, 2018

Pupdate!  As of today, all of Miss Butter’s puppies have been reserved.  These puppies are excited to share that each of them now have wonderful new parents!

We are happy to know they are going to good homes and will be loved.  But, of course, we are sad to even think that in two weeks or so, we will have to say goodbye to our adorable puppies.  We will miss these guys!

Miss Butter has been spending her free time lately in the whelping box training her puppies.  Now I know that this sounds strange, but seriously, Miss Butter trains them to control their biting, on how to be playful with each other rather than being “wild out of control puppy chaos”!  Miss Butter brings them toys, gives them a nudge when they need it and shows them love.  It is very sweet to see.

I know that the new parents who will bringing their new puppy will be experiencing one of their life’s joys!   We all love these pups!