As of June 7th, the Black and Chocolate AKC English Labrador Puppies have all been reserved from this litter!  

If you are still looking for special English Labradors Lab Puppies with great temperaments we highly recommend you consider Quail Meadow Labradors.

Things you should check when shopping for your Labrador:

AKC Pedigrees:  You want to buy a puppy not just with AKC, but with a proven lineage line.  Our pups have both show and field in their bloodlines, along with extensive & impressive (30+) championship pedigrees.    These are quality English Labradors!

What about Testing: This is so important for the long term health of your dog.  If you are looking for a quality dog where the lineage has been genetically tested to back it up ….look no further!   These lines have been tested on both the female and the male side.

How are the puppies being raised:  We are not a puppy mill or a kennel!  This litter is being raised in our home, in clean pleasant conditions,  surrounded with love, as a part of our family.  They are well socialized.

What about a Health Certificate:  Each puppy will be throughly checked by a licensed veterinarian and will have a current health certificate when you take it home.

Vaccinations:  Your puppy will have had its first set of vaccinations when you take it home.

Microchip:  Each puppy will have a microchip for permanent identification.

AKC Registration: The litter will be given AKC limited registration.

What if I have questions? Each puppy comes with a comprehensive binder that contains important information about raising your puppy. It will help answer many of the common questions that are asked.  Of course, you can also call us too!

Can you visit your puppy: Yes you can!  You will be able to schedule visits and bond with your Black or Chocolate Labrador puppy prior to taking him/her home.  We encourage you to do so!