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Empty Nest!

PUPDATE!:  They are all gone!   Miss Butter misses her puppies!   But they all have gone to fantastic homes.   Miss Butter is doing well, getting her rest and recuperating.  We have gotten some fantastic emails, texts and videos from the new parents sharing awesome pictures of the puppies in their new homes.   We even got a video with Loki swimming!   Purple has finally gotten a real name.  His name is now Cooper!

Bailey will actually be coming back for a week visit here in July.   Miss Butter will love this!   Just wanted to give you a quick pupdate!

Butter & Loki

Monday, July 2nd

Butter loves this guy!   She spends her day snuggling with him, bringing him toys, and playing.   She will miss him!   And she’s not the only one.   We love Loki!

Loki Enjoying Life

Sunday, July 1st

Pupdate:   Loki is our last puppy and he leaves to his new owners this week.  But meantime, he is living the life!   He loves to lounge in the pool!

My First Bath!

This cute little chocolate lab female experienced her first bath!  This certainly was a special event!  Our focus was making the experience positive for them and virtually all of the puppies really enjoyed it.   We only had one little squirmer!

Every one of them loved being towel dried and as they snuggled in the warm towels.  Most of the puppies fell sleep in our arms.  We love these guys!