Our Puppy Blue

May 19, 2018

Our Puppy Blue is stretching out for a nap.  This is one of our male black lab puppies (and yes, he is still available!).  Blue has a beautiful shinny black coat and an extremely cute face.    Although, close to three weeks old, they certainly are developing personalities.  He is very friendly.

The puppies are much more active, playing with each other, and growing everyday.   And that’s the update for a Saturday morning!

3 thoughts on “Our Puppy Blue

  1. Ernie Myles Keeler.

    Do you think you could save this puppy until I ask my friend about it??? He will probably want it


  2. Dogs Good Life Post author

    Good morning. Please have your friend fill out the contact page so we can get in touch with him. Blue is a very cute puppy and we look forward to speaking with your friend.



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